This book is a an illustrated memoir of iconic Sydney restaurateur Beppi Polese, which reveals how a labourer’s son from rural Italy transformed the restaurant scene of a city on the other side of the world.

Born in 1925 in a farming village , where food and eating were a matter of daily subsistence, Beppi began his training in silver service in Milan. His career was interrupted by World War 11 and his imprisonment in an Austrian labour camp, from which he escaped to join the partisans in the mountainous Friuli region.

In 1952, after working in the great hotels of Venice, Florence, Rome and Switzerland, Beppi emigrated to Australia and soon opened his own restaurant, introducing local diners to the rich European heritage of food service and the authentic flavours of Italy. His restaurant has since become an institution in Sydney’s fine dining scene.

Alongside Beppi’s story this book also features 50 evocative recipes, ranging from his mother’s method of making polenta to the signature dishes of his restaurant

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