Traditional Italian Food In The Heart Of Sydney

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If you’ve eaten Italian food in Sydney, chances are you’ve got Beppi to thank for it. Beppi Polese has done more than anyone to introduce traditional Italian food to Sydney residents, and help introduce a whole wealth of new flavors to previously unadventurous Anglo Saxon palates.

From humble beginnings, Beppi’s has become a mainstay of the Sydney culinary scene, and several iconic Italian dishes have become favorites with the four generations of Sydneysiders who have passed through the doors over the years. Beppi’s Italian restaurant in Sydney has been standing in the same location, and thriving, ever since the day it opened way back in 1956. Nowadays, the restaurant uses some of the finest produce, together with age-old cooking techniques that reflect Beppi’s Italian heritage.

In days gone by, Beppi would harvest mussels himself by scraping them off the bridge. Today, the methods have been streamlined and the scale of operations increased, but the principle remains the same - high quality, traditional Italian food made with love and skill.

The menu itself focuses on using the freshest, seasonal ingredients, cooked simply and beautifully. There is an emphasis on freshly caught seafood, home-made pasta, as well as innovative meat dishes, while the specials change daily to reflect the best of what’s available at the time. Take a look at the food and dessert menus, and reserve a table to see what the fuss is all about.

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